Series 16 The Acts of the Holy Spirit – Lesson 2: Acts 5:12-41

The Holy Spirit at Work Revealing Signs and Wonders

Acts 5:12-41

In the Ignatian Study method used in this lesson, a Biblical story is read and studied from a number of different perspectives.  The readers will be asked to read through the verses several times, each time from a different point of view.   By using imagination we can make the story come alive, almost as if we were there at the scene, thereby enabling us to enter into the story and comprehend details that we would otherwise miss.  By considering the mindset of several characters, we can come to a better understanding of the context of the original story as well as of what the text is saying to us in our own situation today.

Read Acts 5:12-41 outloud.

Each group member (or 2 members together) choose one of the following roles and listen from this perspective as the story is read 1-2 more times. Pay attention to the emotions of your chosen identity as the story develops.

  1. Peter and the apostles
  2. A believer
  3. A woman or man who believed when listening to the apostles in the temple
  4. The angel
  5. A mother and her child who needed healing. Others in the crowd
  6. The High Priest and his associates
  7. The captain and his officers
  8. Gamaliel, a Pharisee

Listen to each other’s perspectives on the events of the story:

  • What did you notice?  How emotions did you experience?
  • What was the sign/wonder/unusual event that most impacted your character?
  • How did it impact you and change you?


Where do we see “signs and wonders” among us? If we aren’t seeing them, why not?

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