Mark’s Gospel


This Series of Bible Studies includes a study of one story from each of the 16 chapters of Mark’s Gospel.  Since these are stories, the lessons will use appropriate tools for narratives – Sometimes the Inductive questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? For other stories, an approach that views the story through the eyes of multiple participants.

The Introduction lesson invites you to read through the entire Gospel in one, or successive settings.  In one hour (reading silently) to 1½ hour (reading outloud or listening on YouTube or Bible Gateway), you will get an overview through your own or your group’s observation.  Observe setting, characters, themes, repeated ideas, Jesus’ call to the disciples and to us in this shortest Gospel.

Mark was the first written account of Jesus’ life that we have in the Bible, likely written about 65 AD when persecution against Christians was common in the Roman Empire.  The general consensus is that Mark was a cousin of Barnabas, accompaning him on some of the early journeys to believers in Asia Minor.  It is also thought that Mark was a companion of the disciple Peter. Peter refers to Mark as ”son” in his letters, I Peter 1:13; II Peter 1:15.  Mark often quotes Jesus’ words in the Aramaic that Jesus would have used in his daily life and teaching. Listen to Jesus as you read.

This series was originally inspired by this writer’s participation in teaching Young Children in Worship from the text Following Jesus, by Sonja M. Stewart.  Many of the stories in Stewart’s curriculum for children are from the Gospel of Mark.  This blog series provides space and form for adults to hear and to respond to Mark’s call to radical discipleship.

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a.  Introduction
  1.  Mark 1
  2.  Mark 2
  3.  Mark 3
  4.  Mark 4
  5.  Mark 5
  6.  Mark 6
  7.  Mark 7
  8.  Mark 8
  9.  Mark 9
  10. Mark 10
  11. Mark 11
  12. Mark 12
  13. Mark 13
  14. Mark 14
  15. Mark 15
  16. Mark 16

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Commentaries and Resources for further study

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