Series 16 The Acts of the Holy Spirit – Lesson 1: Introduction

 This series of lessons is written to be used in a small group setting.  Naturally, it may also be used individually or with a partner.

The Acts of the Holy Spirit 

Acts chapters 1-6*

Read Acts 1-6 out loud in one setting if possible. An alternative modality is to use an audio service, such as Bible Gateway, (we used the NIV Dramatized Audio). This will take about 25 minutes.

As you read and listen, observe what happens and what is emphasized. After the reading, discuss in the group, or journal if you are working alone:



  • What are the recurring key ideas?
  • What surprises you? Disturbs you? Encourages you?


  • What questions arise for consideration as you continue this Acts study during the following weeks?
  • What do you discover about the Holy Spirit? About the early church?


  • What speaks to you?
  • What is relevant for your congregation?


*Additional resources included on Sojourners y Peregrinas are an overview of the Inductive Bible Study Method and instructions for Group Study.





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