Series 17 Clothed with Christ Lesson 1:1 Peter 2:21-25

1 Peter 2:21-25 Lectio Divina (Lectio for Groups)


  • Read 1 Peter 2 in its entirety to get the context of the passage.   Take note of the concepts that stand out for you.
  • Read 1 Peter 2:21-25. [Note:  Although many translations place these words under the heading “instructions for slaves” this section is most likely intended for all believers.]
  • List the characteristics of Christ in these verses in two columns:

Things Christ did NOT do:                            Things Christ did:


Meditatio:  As you read through your lists, meditate on what they reveal about who Christ is.  Consider how he responded to suffering throughout his life. Highlight the words that tell what Christ has done for you.  Reflect on what this means for you personally.


Oratio:  Give thanks to God for the gift of Christ.  As you pray through the verses, humbly ask God to reveal to you how you can use this picture of Christ as an example for your own life. Pray for understanding and wisdom.


ContemplatioBe still in the presence of God, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts.  Allow God to reveal to you what needs to die in you so that you can live for what is right.  Allow the Holy Spirit to show you what healing has already taken place, and how you can be an agent of restoration and reconciliation in the relationships of which you are a part. Write down your observations.


Going Further:  Many of the words in this passage allude to Isaiah 52:13-53:13.  Consider reading these verses and repeat the process as a way of gaining a better understanding of Christ.