Series 23 The Gospel of Mark: Chapter 15



Read Mark 15 slowly, perhaps multiple times, noticing the characters, their motives, the actions surrounding Jesus.

  • Who calls your attention
  • What do you wonder?
  • How do parts of the drama connect with the current or historical social-political-religious drama in your own country, or in the greater world?

Notice verses 40-41, 47 that are practically footnotes at the end of chapters.  If Mary Magdalene, Mary, Salome and other women were present at these moments, we wonder if they were also present in the previous scenes, albeit sometimes from a distance.  Imagine yourself as one of these women as you reread the entire chapter.

  • Where are you standing?
  • Notice the physical sensations and emotions in your body.
  • What are you commenting with the other female followers?
  • Why do you stay?
  • What are you wondering?


Responding to the Word

Choose an option below or create your own that provides space and time to reflect and to talk to God about what this passage is moving in you.

  • Take a walk in nature or sit facing a window.
  • Draw –  or color a mandala as a meditation and prayer.
  • Journal or call a friend to share your reflections and wondering.
  • Read an article regarding a current sociopolitical injustice that you might consider through this lens of the sociopolitical-religious powers in Mark 15.

Is there an action step you might choose to carry out as part of your response? How and when are you going to carry out this intention?