SERIES 4 — the 1st EPISTLE of JOHN — LESSON 6 1 JOHN 3:11-24

Re-read the entire chapter of I JOHN 3. Chapter 3 would be best studied as one section this lesson covers the second half of this idea unit.  Continue reading vs.11-23 several times.

For more details click on Inductive Bible Study here or select the page from the header.



  1. Highlight the key words and phrases.  Create a graphic that show the relationship of the main key words.
  2. Point out the contrasts witharrows between them.
  3. Indicate the relationships of cause and effect.
  4. Discover the author’s use of circular arguments.
  5. Underline the images the author uses.
  6. Observe the pronouns.  What person is used? (ie. 1st, 2nd or 3rd person? singular or plural?)



  1. Re-read the passage and record your questions. (Examples of questions that arose for the writer of this study are listed at the end of this study; try to first formulate your own.)
  2. Explore the answers to any questions that may have arisen as you studied the passage.
  3. Discover what the author is emphasizing in the contrasts.
  4. Imagine the writer’s plea in the circular arguments and re-articulate the ideas out loud in your own words to make a similar point.
  5. Define love exclusively from this passage.
  6. Designate a summary line or verse directly from the passage.



  1. Have you any experience of being hated because you lived a life of loving?
  2. What is the most significant application of this passage for the life of church today?
  3. Spend at least 5 minutes with God and the summary line you selected.  Repeat the words.  Listen.  How do these words nudge you?


The questions mentioned for INTERPRETATION #1 above:

  • vs 20 and 21 seem contradictory. What is the intention here?
  • vs 14- Why might the author include the adjective Christian brothers and sisters?
  • Why does vs 23 use the singular commandment while vs 24 uses the word in plural?
  • Vs 24 brings in the Spirit which has not been mentioned previously in the passage…What might be the intention?

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