Series 23 The Gospel of Mark: Chapter 8

Don’t You Understand?!

Inductive Study with a Narrative.

Read Mark 8 several times, including the first verse of chapter 9.  If you prefer, you may focus on one or two sections, or on the impact of the entire chapter.

OBSERVATION – Create a chart with the following:

  • WHERE?  List the places mentioned in the chapter. Observe that some events took place on the way there; use the key to guess how long was the journey? 3 MPH would be a fast walk that still allowed for conversation.  A map may help you find the places named in this chapter.  FYI, archeological findings in 2013 suggest that Dalmanutha, may have been near Herod Antipas’s capital city of Tiberias on the western shore. 
  • WHAT?  Note the key events described.
  • WHO?  List the persons present, including in parenthesis those the narrative perhaps doesn’t detail at the moment, but the flow of the story assumes.

INTERPRETATION – Original meaning and purpose

  • WHY?  Consider the importance of each section and why Mark may have included this for the readers.  What do you think Jesus was trying to communicate to his disciples?  Or to others involved?

APPLICATION – To our own lives

  • HOW are you disturbed or provoked?
  • With whom do you identify?
  • Listen to Jesus’ challenge to you.


Serie 23 El Evangelio de Marcos   -Capítulo 8