Series 5: The Gospel According to Christmas Lesson 1: Mary’s Song

Mary’s Song:  Luke 1:39-55

Read all of Luke 1 to get a sense of the context of the passage.

Read verses 39-45.

  • Note:  Remember that Elizabeth does not know anything about Mary’s encounter with the angel at this point.
  • Highlight the words that seem significant to you, noting details you may have not noticed before.
  • Listen to Elizabeth’s words from Mary’s perspective.
  • Reflect on how she might be hearing these words.
  • Write down your observations.

 Read verses 46-55.

  • Highlight the words that speak of God’s justice and righteousness.
  • In another color, highlight the words that speak of God’s mercy and grace.
  • Make a list in two columns if that is helpful.
  • Reflect on these contrasts.  What do they say about God and his relationship to the individual, the world, and his chosen ones?  How do these words speak to you in your current situation? Journal your reflections.

Pray:  Conclude your time by praying the words of Mary’s Song.  Praise God for his love and mercy, naming the ways in which you have experienced that in your own life and community.  Pray for a renewed sense of justice and the desire to be humble and merciful. Conclude with the words of verse 46:  “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.” Carry these words with you throughout your day.