Series 15 Psalms of Lament, Lesson 1: Psalm 88

Psalm 88 Lectio Divina (Lectio in groups)

Psalms of Lament allow us, along with the Psalmist, to cry out to God in the midst of despair, sorrow, trouble frustration and anger.  The Psalms of Lament give us words to express our feelings before God.  They do not always end in hope.  They often fail to provide answers.  But they give us words to use and prayers to say when we need them.  They provide a way for us to seek God in the midst of the darkness in our lives.

Lectio:  Read Psalm 88.  The second time you read, note to whom the psalm is addressed.

Read the verses slowly, highlighting the words that help you express your emotions and thoughts.

Meditatio:  In the presence of God, reflect on the words you have highlighted.  Allow yourself to feel the emotions that plague you, and name them using the words of the Psalm.

 Oratio:  Turn your words into prayer to the God of your salvation.  Even when God seems distant, we can pray with the certainty that our words – and the prayers we groan without words – are heard by the One who loves us.

 Contemplatio:  Sit in stillness and quiet before God.  Reflect on the promise that we are loved beyond measure even when life seems dark and empty.  Give thanks for the God who allows us to express our deepest selves and loves us nonetheless.