Series 15 Psalms of Lament Lesson 6: Psalm 57

Psalm 57  Lectio Divina (lectio in groups)


  • Read through Psalm 57.
  • Read again, noting the words and phrases that speak of lament and distress.
  • Read a 3rd time, noting the words and phrases that speak of praise and thanksgiving.


  • Compare the parts of the Psalm that speak of lament and those that speak of praise.  Meditate on the contrasts.
  • Where do you find yourself in this mix?
  • Where can you find praise and thanksgiving in the midst of trial and suffering?
  • Reflect on these questions and record your reflections in your journal.


  • Repeat the words of the Psalm as a prayer.
  • Ask God to give you a heart of thanks even in difficult times.
  • Repeat the verses that allow you to pray with your whole heart.


  • Be silent in the presence of God.
  • Repeat the words from the Psalm that bring comfort to you. Rest in that comfort.
  • End your time with a song of thanksgiving.