Series 15 Psalms of Lament Lesson 5: Psalm 53

Psalm 53 Lectio Divina (Lectio for Groups)

Preparation:  Even within the church it is possible to encounter those who live their lives as if God did not exist.  As you prepare today, quiet yourself in the presence of God and pray for understanding, wisdom, and the ability to see clearly both into your own heart and those around you.

LectioRead Psalm 53.  As you read through a second time, highlight the words and phrases that stand out to you and speak to your heart.

 Meditatio:  Quietly mediate on these words, reflecting on the following:

  • When do you find yourself seeking God?
  • Are you quick to call on God, or is God often a last resort for you?
  • Consider verse 5:  what fears overwhelm you?
  • Are these fears real, or are you overcome with a fear of something that need not be feared?
  • Write your thoughts in your journal.

Now consider these same questions for those in your closest communities – your church, family, workplace, etc.

Oratio: Pray for yourself:

  • for a desire to seek God and place your faith in God alone;
  • for the ability to recognize and name your fears to God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts into a more realistic understanding of those fears;
  • for understanding and a repentant heart.

Pray for those in your community with a heart of compassion:

  • that they may seek God with all their heart;
  • that they may trust in him totally;
  • that they may recognize the things they fear for what they really are;
  • that they may seek understanding and repentance.

Contemplatio:  Imagine God looking down from heaven.  What might he see in your life, and in your community?  Imagine him listening to and responding to the prayers you have just uttered.  What might that look like?  Rejoice and give thanks for God’s faithfulness.