Series 23 The Gospel of Mark: Chapter 9

Discipleship Training

Mark 9:30-50


Read the entire chapter of Mark 9 at least once, then re-read Mark 9:30-50 multiple times. In this second half of the chapter,  Jesus is taking time to train the disciples.  Several have just accompanied him up the mountain and seen him transformed into a dazzling white while talking to Moses and Elijah. Then they come down the mountain into the drama of a crowd, a boy with convulsions, a desperate father, teachers of the law arguing, and confused disciples who haven’t been successful in their ministry.


Re-read 9:30-50.

  • Notice what grabs your attention.
  • Who is present?
  • When does this take place?
  • Where are the settings for these training sessions?
  • What ideas or actions do you notice repeated?
  • How does Jesus create emphasis for the key points of this training for the disciples? (Hint: Pay attention to the metaphors.)
  • Why so you think Jesus is addressing these issues with the disciples? What might be his concerns?
  • Summarize the training in a few phrases or sentences.  Compare your summary to verses 49-50.

If you were giving or receiving a discipleship/leadership training in your church this weekend, how might you utilize these same issues applied to current socioeconomic, political, local context?

  • What is the challenge here for your congregation’s leadership?
  • How are you personally challenged to be both salty and at peace?


Series 23 in English – Mark’s Gospel 

 Serie 23 en español – El Evangelio de Marcos

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