Series 23 The Gospel of Mark: Chapter 1

Who is Jesus?

Read Mark 1:1-15 or the entire chapter if you can.  Mark begins the proclamation of “the Good News of Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God” by responding to our immediate curiosity of who is this person…

Reread the same text with this question in mind, “Who is Jesus?”

Inductive Bible Study for a narrative passage focuses on Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?  We first OBSERVE and wonder about how to INTERPRET.  We end by opening ourselves to APPLY God’s word to our own lives.


  1.  Who is Jesus as described in verses 2-8?
  • Wonder about John who baptized…
  • How might the people present there have understood his words and actions?
  • Why was John’s role and preaching important?

2.  Who is Jesus as described in verses 9-11?

  • Wonder about the baptism and what happened…
  • Why did Jesus choose this baptism by John?
  • When and where did it take place and why?
  • Wonder about the experience of the people from the countryside and from Jerusalem during Jesus’ baptism…
  • What was significant about How the dove and the voice appeared? Who might have heard/seen?
  • What meaning might each have understood from these signs?  – John?  – Persons of the countryside?  -Persons from Jerusalem?  -Jesus?  – God?
  • How do you imagine that Jesus felt during and immediately after the baptism?

3.  Who is Jesus as described in verses 12-13?

  • Wonder about Mark’s brief description of these days…
  • How does this description inform us regarding Jesus’ identity?

4.  Who is Jesus as described in verses 14-15?

  • Wonder about the proclamation of the good news that Jesus himself makes…
  • What does he emphasize and why?
  • How do you imagine Jesus felt as he made these initial proclamations?
  • Wonder about the listeners…
  • Wonder about their responses…Who was Jesus to their ears and eyes?


  • Who is this Jesus, according to Mark’s initial descriptions?

If you desire and have time, continue to ponder “WHO is Jesus?” in the remaining stories in this chapter; in these first 3 stories that describe Jesus’ early actions and words.


Who is Jesus?

What aspect of Jesus’ actions, experiences, words, character most impacts you?   How does this invite you to respond?




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