Series 23 The Gospel of Mark: Chapter 5

Jesus Heals Two Daughters – 5:21-43


  • Read Mark 5:21-43 to familiarize yourself with the facts of the story.  Note any questions that arise as your read.


  • Read v. 21-34 from the perspective of the woman who touches Jesus robe.  Imagine her desperation, knowing that the doctors can do no more and she has no more money even if they could.  She is facing a life as an outcast at best (See Lev 15:25-31). Act out* the scene where Jesus faces you.  Allow yourself to become vulnerable in front of Jesus.  Hear the words spoken to you: “Daughter (son), your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.”   Notice your emotions and thoughts.


  • Read the entire passage from the perspective of Jairus.  What hopes do you have when you ask Jesus to help your daughter?  What goes through your mind during Jesus’ discussion with the woman who is healed?  When you hear the news that your daughter has died, what emotions grip you?  What does Jesus mean when he says to you, “Don’t be afraid”?  How do you feel when the friends in your home laugh at Jesus words?  When your daughter is raised to life, what thoughts run through your mind?  Record/share your impressions.
*An Invitation:  Involving your body and not just your mind in this study, physically putting yourelf in the position of the woman revealing herself to Jesus, will provide a richer experience…we encourage you to try out this action whether alone or with your small group. Just imagining the scene will likely not have the same impact.
  • Read the story again, this time through the eyes of a compassionate God.  Why does Jesus notice the woman?  What makes her different from the others in the crowd?  Why did Jesus stop to find out who she was and what had happened?  How might this story have been different if Jesus had healed Jairus’ daughter from where they were, rather than going to the house? (See Old Testament law about touching a corpse, Numbers 19:11-12.)  
  • Apply:  What impacts you?  How do want to respond to Jesus?  To others?


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