Series 19 Clothed with Christ Retreat Session 4 Individual Colossians 3:12-15

NOTE:  This lesson was written as part of a Spiritual Retreat.  For more about the retreat, click here.

The purpose of this reflection is to prepare us to continue being clothed with Christ in the months to come.

Preparation/ Use the phrases in the introduction to the passage below to fill your mind, body and soul with God’s purpose for you.  Breath in with the words, “Since God chose me…” Breath out with the words “to be one of a holy people God loves.”  You could choose to add your arms rising with the inhaling; sweeping down with the exhaling.  Continue until the rhythm becomes more natural and your body relaxes into this foundational truth.

Read Colossians 3:12-15/ Which word or phrase stands out to you?  Reread.

Listen prayerfully/ Consider the flow of this retreat and how Christ has been working in your heart and mind. Listen to the word/command that is emerging as the characteristic with which to clothe yourself.

Summarize/ How might you continue choosing this clothing during the next months?

  • Re-read what you journaled at the end of Session 1 Application: ‘’How will you know when you have followed Jesus’ invitation to “then come, follow me’?”
  • Refer to the lists you created in Session 2 Individual.
  • Consider the Spiritual Disciplines you considered in Session 3 Application.
  • Add the Christ-like characteristic identified from Colossians in this lesson.

How have these threads been woven together during this retreat to create a new garment for you to wear?

Apply/ How could being clothed with this/these Christ-like characteristic/s change your thinking?  Your attitudes?  Your relationships?  Your community?

Journal/ What do you desire to wear?  How can you utilize a spiritual discipline to keep on growing in this area?

Commit/ To keep this focus throughout the next year, choose an article of clothing that you “name” with your focus for growth from Colossians 3.  Every time you wear this article, you will be reminded to grow more Christ-like in this area.

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