Series 19 Clothed with Christ Retreat Session 3 Application (Group)

NOTE:  This lesson was written as part of a Spiritual Retreat.  For more information about the retreat, click here.  This lesson is the application followup to the individual sessions on Spiritual Disciplines.  If you are doing this retreat alone, click here for the individual version of this lesson.

Session 3:  Spiritual Disciplines — Application (Group)

The purpose of this session is the “How to” of being clothed with Christ. We will do this by: 1) Learning from each other’s experiences in the use of Spiritual Disciplines; 2) Noticing what and who have helped us to grow in the past so we can be aware and open as we continue to grow.  (45 minutes)


Ask for sharing from the individual studies, focusing on one discipline at a time.

  1. For those who studied MEDITATION, what most stood out to you in your time with God? Invite others who chose the same Discipline to also share the above.
  2. Are there others in the group who might have a story from their own experience with this same discipline?
  3. How might you begin to put this into practice over the next 6 months to a year in order to be clothed with Christ?

Repeat the same process until all spiritual disciplines are shared.


Ask for stories of how each person has seen an example of someone who has been a model in a spiritual discipline that creates Christ-likeness in them.

What are we are noticing in these stories?

  1. commonalities, repeated themes, characteristics, actions
  2. Leaders record on paper provided to post:  WHAT WE NOTICE ABOUT BECOMING CLOTHED WITH CHRIST

Summarize and record based on group learning, then move on to prayer.


Pray together, keeping in mind the hour and the group needs at this point.

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