Series 19 – Clothed with Christ Retreat Session 1 Application (group)

Session 1: Application (small group)

NOTE: This lesson is part of a retreat series and intended to follow Session 1: Individual. If you are doing this retreat alone, click here for the individual version.

Purpose: to share briefly from our face to face times with God, gaining enrichment from each other.  Application is invited considering the focus of the retreat, with all participants noting where they are at and where they would like to grow. A parallel purpose is to continue to build trust.

Debrief the Individual time/ (8-10 minutes)

  1. Did anything surprise you or bother you during the individual as you interacted with this story?
  2. Where would you be in this story if you had been present?

Apply to retreat theme/ (8-10 min)

  1. How does this story invite you to take off any clothing that keeps you from being ready to follow Jesus’ invitation (v.21) to “then come, follow me”?
  2. How will you know when you have done this?  (Participants can write their answer in their journal – this is not intended for sharing now; rather, this will become a marker to be considered in Session 4 as a part of determining how the application process can continue after the retreat).

Prayer/  How can we together pray for each of you?  (10 min) Collect requests related to the above – or other concerns that participants bring as they come to this weekend.  Spend a few minutes praying for each other.

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