Series 19: Clothed with Christ Retreat – Session 1 Individual

Session 1:  Who Are We?  Matthew 19:13-29

In the Ignatian method used in this lesson, a specific section of scripture is read and studied from a number of different perspectives. You are invited to read through the verses several times, each time from differing perspectives to help understand multiple aspects of the text.

Record in your journal your discoveries and questions.

Prepare/ yourself to converse with Jesus:  sit in silence for a few minutes, breathing in deeply; breathing out; quieting your body and your spirit.

Read Matthew 19:13-29/ out loud at least twice.

Consider/ the following perspectives, one at a time, re-reading the section as each character.

The Rich Young Man/ The Disciples/ Peter/ Jesus/ The Children*

Tip: Put yourself into each character role after the reading: stand, kneel, gesture, walk, speak out loud.  By using kinesthetic imagination, you can enter into the story, grasp details or themes you might otherwise miss, and be more open to the Spirit speaking into your own life story and current situation.

  • With each role, assume a different physical posture as suggested above.
  • Visualize the events from this perspective.
  • Take your time.  Enter into the mindset of the person.
  • Sense the emotions as if you were that person.
  • For the children’s perspective, you might place a hand on your head, as it was Jesus’ hand.  What does he say to you?  What blessing does he give you?

Listen/ to the perspective of each character, using the same questions with each role:

  • What emotions arise in you as the story develops?
  • What are your questions?
  • What does Jesus ask of you when you speak to him?

Pray/ Imagine yourself in the story.  What question do you ask Jesus?

*This lesson was written as part of a retreat.  For more information about the retreat click here.

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