Series 14 Leadership Lesson 2: Exodus 18

Moses and Jethro  Exodus 18

Read Exodus 18:1-8.  In verse 8, reflect on what Moses considers to be the important items to be shared with Jethro about the experience of Israel,

Read verses 9-12.  What are Jethro’s conclusions after hearing Moses’ account?  How does he respond?  Reflect on the significance of verse 12?

Read verses 13-23.  What does Jethro observe about Moses?  Why was this a concern:  What advice does Jethro offer to Moses?

Read verses 17-23.  List and reflect on the leadership principles that can be gleaned from these verses. 

Read verses 24-27.  What conclusions can you draw from these verses?

Application:  Thinking about your own church situation, consider the following:

  • What guidelines and principles from this account can you apply to your church’s leadership style?
  • What might be helpful changes?
  • How do these principles align with utilizing the gifts of the Spirit?

Prayer:  Pray for your church, and the local church throughout the world.  Pray for discernment in finding leaders who are God-fearing, honest and trustworthy. Pray for leaders who are willing to share the load and serve one another and the church to the glory of God.

2 thoughts on “Series 14 Leadership Lesson 2: Exodus 18

  1. My take home: Church leaders/elders must divide up the task of leading/ overseeing their congregation/ church. Their task will involve discerning right from wrong (good from evil), or being a judge. To do this they will need to be engaged, observe, make decisions and take action. This is essential to supporting the pastor in the heavy job of leading the church and teaching God’s ways.


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