Series 14 Leadership Lesson 2: Exodus 18

Moses and Jethro  Exodus 18

Read Exodus 18:1-8.  In verse 8, reflect on what Moses considers to be the important items to be shared with Jethro about the experience of Israel,

Read verses 9-12.  What are Jethro’s conclusions after hearing Moses’ account?  How does he respond?  Reflect on the significance of verse 12?

Read verses 13-23.  What does Jethro observe about Moses?  Why was this a concern:  What advice does Jethro offer to Moses?

Read verses 17-23.  List and reflect on the leadership principles that can be gleaned from these verses. 

Read verses 24-27.  What conclusions can you draw from these verses?

Application:  Thinking about your own church situation, consider the following:

  • What guidelines and principles from this account can you apply to your church’s leadership style?
  • What might be helpful changes?
  • How do these principles align with utilizing the gifts of the Spirit?

Prayer:  Pray for your church, and the local church throughout the world.  Pray for discernment in finding leaders who are God-fearing, honest and trustworthy. Pray for leaders who are willing to share the load and serve one another and the church to the glory of God.