Series 12 – Being Transformed – Lesson 1

Read Luke 13:10-17.  Identify with the woman.

Notice the woman’s physical and mental situation while crippled. Position your body similarly and walk around for about 5 minutes.  When you tire, keep on imitating the woman – she was crippled for 18 years (*without risking injury to your back).

Reflect as you walk: What do you see, think, feel in this position? Is there anything that may keep you crippled in your life?

Listen for Jesus´ voice calling you.  Feel his healing hands on your back.  How does He defend you in front of your accusers?

Respond to Him. What do you see, think, feel, say after the transformation?  You may want to spend some time praising God.

Journal your sensations and responses in this experience.

Pray, with at least 5 minutes in silent prayer, simply being present with God.

Allow an image of God to surface in you mind. Draw or describe with words.

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