Series 18 Lent: The Suffering Servant Lesson 1 Isaiah 42:1-9

Lesson 1:  Bruised but not Broken  Isaiah 42:1-9

Read Isaiah 42:1-9.

  • In verse 1, God presents his servant.
  • In verses 1-4, highlight the things we are told to consider regarding this servant.
    • What qualities stand out to you?
    • Focus your attention on verse 3.
      • Think about how a gardener might deal with a bruised stem. Imagine binding it up in a way that heals the weakened stem rather than breaking it off and throwing it out.
      • Think about a candle in which the wick has been cut too short.  Imagine the process of melting a bit of the wax and moving it around in such a way that the wick gains strength to burn on its own.
      • How do these images speak to you? What do they say about the servant’s attitude toward those who are weak in their faith or bruised in or by their relationships?
    • Consider the word justice, which is used 3 times in these verses.  Why do you think justice is such an important theme for God’s servant?

Read verses 5-7. How does God describe himself, and why does he choose these words?  Compare these words to Matthew 12:17-21.  How does Jesus fulfill these words?  What is the significance of this for you?

Read verses 8-9.  Focus your thoughts on the fact that God yielded his glory to Christ, his servant. What might this mean?  Why is it important?

Conclude with a time of silence.  Repeat to yourself the words or phrases that have particular meaning for you today.  Thank God for his concern for those who are broken in this world.  Pray that you might be used as an instrument of healing.