Series 11 – The Power of Light – Lesson 5

Matthew 10:5-33

Read:  In this passage, Jesus sends his disciples out with instructions and warnings.

  • Read the entire chapter of Matthew 10 to understand the context.
  • Read Matthew 10:5-33 a second time, highlighting the verbs — Jesus’ instructions to the disciples.
  • In a different color, highlight the promises given in these verses.

Reflect:  Focus on verses 26-33.

  • What do these verses say about light and darkness?
  • The phrase “Don’t be afraid” is repeated three times – the Hebrew way of emphasizing a point.  What are the disciples not to fear?
  • What assurances and promises are given?
  • What are the warnings?


  • Where do you find yourself in these verses?
  • How do you hear God speaking to you and your situation?
  • What changes need to be made in your life if you are to hear these words as spoken to you?


  • Name your fears and pray for the courage to overcome them.
  • Name your doubts and pray for trust to believe the promises.
  • Pray for the Light of the World to shine into the dark places of your soul.

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