Series 11 – The Power of Light – Lesson 6

Matthew 14:22-36

Read Matthew 14 to get the context of the passage.

Read Matthew 14:22-36.

  • What was Jesus’s situation when it became dark?
  • What was the situation for his disciples?
  • Compare and reflect, recording your insights in your journal.

Close your eyes and imagine the scene in the boat.

  • How might the disciples have been feeling in the storm?
  • Imagine what they were doing.
  • Name their fears.


  •  What is the reaction of the disciples to Jesus when they see him outside of the boat (vs. 26)?  Compare this to their reaction once he enters the boat (vs. 32-33).  Reflect on the transformation that occurs.
  • Jesus uses the word YaHWeH – the name for God from Exodus 3:14 when he says, “Take courage, YaHWeH is here!”  What effect do these words of Jesus have on the disciples?

Reflect on the darkness, the water, the storm.  Name the places in your life where you experience fear, terror, doubt and darkness.  Write them in your journal.

Pray:  As you reflect on the places you have identified, pray over each one and repeat Jesus’s words:  “Take courage, Yahweh is here!”  Praise God for faithfully fulfilling the promises of the Word and bringing light into the darkness.