Series 23 The Gospel of Mark: Chapter 6

Who is this man?

Mark 6 begins with questions:

“Where did this man get all this? What is this wisdom that has been given to him? What deeds of power are being done by his hands!”

Read the entire chapter 6 outloud.  If you are working in a group, divide up the five or six stories of the chapter to look at the above questions.  If you are working alone, choose one of the stories on which to focus your attention.

Consider the following Inductive Study OBSERVATION questions:

  • When did this episode take place in relation to other events/situations?
  • Who was present?
  • What were the key events of this episode?
  • How did each person/group respond to Jesus?
  • What was Jesus’ response to the others?

Consider the following Inductive Study INTERPRETATION questions:

  • Did anything surprise or disturb you?
  • What question/s do you have?
  • Why do you suppose the author included this episode?
  • Give a title to the section that reflects this key point.


  • Who do you say is this man?
  • How does the text invite you to respond?