Holy Week — The Suffering of Jesus

Jesus in the GardenLectio Divina

Read Mark 14:32-42.

This is the week in which we set aside time to focus on the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.  As you read these words, put yourself in the place of Jesus, and experience this event as though you yourself were going through it.  Reflect on the following as you read:

  • Highlight the words of anguish in verses 33 and 34.  List the reasons you are aware of for Jesus feelings.
  • Focus on Jesus words in verses 35 and 36.  What is he asking for?  Is he praying for the impossible?  Is he having second thoughts?  What do you think his thoughts are as he speaks so intimately with his Father?
  • Reread verse 38.  Consider Jesus’ body and spirit—what is the conflict inside of him at this time?  What are his fears?  Adjust your list from verses 33 and 34 if necessary.
  • Read the conclusion in verses 41 and 42.  How do you think this time of prayer strengthened Jesus for what was to happen?  How was it helpful for him?

Record your reflections in your journal.

Contemplation:  As you walk through the passage again, consider the difficulties and fears you are facing at the moment.  How can prayer in your own life give you courage and strength to go forward?  Who in your life can you ask to come along with you through this time of need?

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