See links for more information on Inductive Bible Study method or on using this study with a small group.

Read through several times the 15 verses composing the 3rd Epistle of John.

OBSERVATION – What does the text say?

*You may choose to create a chart to list the following after you have first made the observations during multiple readings of the text:

  1. WHO?  Highlight the names or groups of people, each in a different color.  Denote the descriptive adjectives for each.
  2. WHAT did they do? Indicate the verbs used to refer to each of the above, observing the tenses.
  3. HOW was the action carried out?  Notice the descriptors or additional details.
  4. Select the reason given in the text for WHY the action took place.
  5. Add any OTHER additional information about this person or group.
John the Elder writing the letter  joy children following the truth hope to see you soon and talk face2face


INTERPRETATION – What did the text mean to the original listeners?

  1. Study the chart.  Infer from the patterns and emphases what seem to be the concerns of the author.
  2. Mull over the author’s imperative statements.  Consider what may have been the situation/s that raised the need for these commands.
  3. Summarize the prominent idea of the author.

APPLICATION – How does this text apply to our lives?

  1. Is there an example you might want to imitate?
  2. How are the following words of the author pertinent in your congregation at this time?
    1. John’s words of praise?
    2. His concerns?
    3. Any imperative statements for action?
  3. Spend some time in silence to absorb what you have learned and heard.  Give thanks.

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