Series 20 Ruth Lesson 4: God

The four lessons in this series on the book of Ruth use the Ignatian method of Bible study.  Over the course of these four lessons, you will be asked to read the entire book of Ruth each week.  Each reading will be read from the perspective of one of the characters in the story.  You are encouraged to write your reflections, thoughts, and any questions that arise in a journal so that you can look back and see how these thoughts and reflections develop through the course of the study.

Prepare yourself to listen to God’s word.  Spend several minutes becoming still.  Focus on your breathing, slowly, in and out.  When you are quieted, begin reading.

Read the entire book of Ruth, this time reading God as the main character.  Notice the times when God’s name is spoken, and when God is referred to by the other characters in the story.

Record what strikes you as you read.  Be aware of your emotions.  You might note any questions that arise in your mind.  After finishing, reflect on the following:

  • How does the story read differently seeing God as the main actor in this community?
  • How might the story read if we would extract God from it? 
  • How does reading from God’s perspective enrich your understanding of the story?
  • What is God teaching you through this reading?