Series 4 – The 1st EPISTLE of JOHN – Lesson 2 I JOHN 1

Read the first chapter of 1 John at least 3 times slowly.  Print out the passage or work on a computer, using color highlighting to help you observe repeated words, phrases and make connections.  Feel free to invent a system of colors, circles, lines, or whatever helps you to dissect the passage, dig deeper, and see more connections.
* You may consult the general explanation of Inductive Bible Studyfor more details of this method.

OBSERVATION – What does the text actually say?

  1. Highlight with colors the key words and phrases.
  2. Indicate the repetitions.
  3. Highlight the connecting words and prepositions
  4. List the contrasts and metaphors are used.
  5. Connect the related ideas:  Write the word light in a small circle.  Find other words or phrases that relate to light and connect them with circles to the first circle.  Create another diagram with darkness in the center and find the phrases that relate.           
INTERPRETATION – What did the text mean to the original audience?

  1. Why does the author emphasize the veracity of his testimony so many times?
  2. What is the meaning created by the repetition of fellowship?
  3. What can we learn from the contrast between light and darkness?
  4. What is the key idea of this passage?

APPLICATION – How does this text apply to our lives as God’s people today?

  1. Is there a phrase that you want to memorize and meditate on this week?  What is significant today regarding this phrase?
  2. What emotions do you connect with “being in the light”?
  3. In what practical way can you “live in the light” during this week?

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