Series 12 – Being Transformed – Lesson 3

ROMANS 12:1-21  INDUCTIVE STUDY (Inductive for groups)

Begin with prayer and your eyes on God.

OBSERVE carefully what the passage says in context:

  • Read the passage at least 3 times. You may opt to copy it into your journal or read it out loud.
  • Circle the key or repeated words and phrases.
  • Indicate the phrases that are God’s actions and those that are human action.
  • Notice the verb forms; what do they indicate?

INTERPRET what the author was communicating:

  • Select titles for the each of the 3 paragraphs.
  • Record any questions that have come up as you observed.
  • Summarize what you think the author wanted to transform.

APPLY the passage to your own life:

  • Consider what the Holy Spirit prompting in you:
    • Is there anything to confess?
    • Are their habits to be changed?  How might you go about this?
    • Is there a relationship to be changed or healed?
    • Is there a new challenge or action to begin?


  • Choose a phrase from this passage that leads to you God.
  • Write it on a clean page in your journal.
  • Spend about 15 minutes with that phrase in God’s presence.  You don’t need to say anything.
  • Allow images and thoughts from God to come to mind.  If you are distracted, return to the phrase that helps you focus on God.
  • Journal what has come to mind.