Series 18 Lent: The Suffering Servant Lesson 5 Isaiah 54:1-10

READ and OBSERVE:  Read Isaiah 54:1-10.

  • List the action verbs in verses 1-4. Circle them according to the way they are grouped in the passage (for example:  sing, burst, shout from verse 1).
  • Focus your attention on verse 5.  Although the word “servant” doesn’t appear in this section, verse 5 is talking about the Suffering Servant.  What names are given to the Servant in this verse?
  • Read verses 6-8.  Divide your paper into two columns.  On alternate sides, write the compared statements: for example: “For a brief moment I abandoned you / With deep compassion I will bring you back.”
  • Read verses 9-10.  To what does God compare his love for his people?

REFLECT:  Using your notes from the reading, reflect on the following:

  • In verses 1-4, what feelings are evoked by the groups of verbs?  Write your observations.
  • In verse 5, reflect on what these names say about the Servant.  Who is he, and what is his relationship to his people?
  • In verses 6-10, what impressions do you have when you compare these statements?  What do they say about God?

APPLY:  Write what you have learned about God from this passage.

  • How can this knowledge help you put things into perspective?
  • How can looking at things from the eternal perspective of God, help you to understand how the present might be different than it seems?
  • For what can you give thanks because of this understanding?

PRAY:  Reread the verses that particularly speak to you.  As you read, turn the words into a prayer.  Spend some time in silence, enjoying the love God has for you, his child.