Series 18: Lent — The Suffering Servant Lesson 6 Isaiah 57

Isaiah 57  Lectio Divina (Lectio in Groups)

Lectio:  Read Isaiah 57.

  • Read verses 1-2.  What do these verses say about the righteous? Write down your initial thoughts about these words.
  • Read Verses 3-10.  First write down your initial reaction to these words.  Second, list the specific behaviors that are listed.  Third, consider the sinful behaviors that lie behind the words.  What would these look like in today’s world?  Make a list.
  • Read Verses 11-13.  Why is God asking these questions?  How would you answer them?
  • Read verses 14-21.  What does this passage say about God and his relationship to his people?  How are the wicked different from God’s disobedient chosen ones?

Meditatio:  Look over the notes you have taken, and the observations you have made.

  • Consider how these words might be written if they were to reflect the idolatry of modern society.  Look at the behaviors you listed above.  How do they manifest themselves in idolotry?
  • How do these words speak to your own life and your relationship to God and the people whom God has placed in your life?
  • Reflect on what or whom you rely for strength?  Make a list, asking the Holy Spirit to guide you in identifying the tendency towards idolotry in your life and relationships.

Oratio:  In a posture of prayer, look over the list and confess the areas of your life where you fail to place your hope and trust in God.  Ask God to reveal to you the false righteousness upon which you depend, and ask to be clothed in the robes of Christ’s righteousness instead.

Contemplatio:  Spend some time rereading verses 15-21, and thank God for the steadfast love shown to you.