Series 10: Psalms of Light Lesson 5

Psalm 97 Lectio Divina (Lectio in groups)


  • Read Psalm 97.
  • Read a second time, noticing the pairings within verses.
  • Read a third time, highlighting images of light and darkness.
  • Read one more time, underlining the responses of the created order.


Hebrew poetry is written in couplets, so the clouds in the first part of the verse are paired with the righteousness and justice in the second part of the verse.  List the words depicting images of light and images of darkness.    Next to each, write the corresponding concept or response.

Clouds/thick darkness Foundation of his throne/destroying foes

Choose a phrase or concept that captures your attention.  Reflect on this image or phrase, repeating it several times.

 Oratio:stormy sky

Turn the words of the Psalm into a prayer.  Be humble before his powerful justice, and
thankful for his saving grace.  Praise his holy name.


Allow God to speak to your spirit.  Where are you in this Psalm?  What words describe your situation when in the presence of God’s glory and light?