Series 14 Leadership Lesson 4: John 17

Leadership:  John 17

Read John 17Highlight the key words that speak about the relationship between God the Father and God the Son.

  • What do they do for each other?
  • Reflect on this relationship.
  • Consider the ways in which they bring each other glory, reveal each other, are one with each other.
  • Write down your thoughts.

Read a second time through, this time highlighting (in a different color) the key words and phrases that speak about the relationship of the Son and those who were given to him (his disciples and future believers).

  • What has Jesus done for them?
  • How does he pray for them?
  • What are his desires for them?
  • What do these words say about our relationship to God?  To the world? To truth?
  • Record your reflections.

Although this prayer is for all believers, consider how these words speak specifically about leadership in the church.

  • How does this prayer reveal the ways in which Jesus was a leader?
  • What is important to him as he anticipates turning over leadership to his disciples?
  • How might these same principles look today?

As you ponder these principles, pray for the leaders in your church.

  • Pray the words of Jesus, keeping specific leaders and situations in mind as you pray.
  • Reflect on how this process affects your attitude toward those who lead in the church today.
  • Journal your thoughts.