Series 6 — Don’t Be Afraid — Lesson 5 — Judges 6:1-23

Judges 6:1-23 Ignatian Study

Read Judges 6:1-23 to familiarize yourself with the passage.

Read a second time, paying attention to the description of the Midianites and the threat they posed for the Israelites.

  • What kind of people were they?
  • What fears did they evoke for the Israelites?
  • How did the Israelites respond to these fears?

During your third reading, focus on the character of Gideon.

  • Take note of the progression of Gideon’s responses from verse 13 through verse 22.
  • What fears can you name in his responses?

Read again from the Lord’s perspective.

  • Notice the Lord’s responses, beginning with the message of the prophet in verse 7 through the words of the angel to the response of the Lord in verse 22.
  • Compare and contrast Gideon’s behaviors with the progression of the Lord’s responses.
  • How does the Lord address each of Gideon’s fears?
  • Journal your reflections.

The Lord does not speak the words, “Don’t be afraid” until Gideon realizes that he is face to face with God.

  • Reflect on why this is so, and consider what implications this might have for facing our fears today.
  • Record your thoughts in your journal.

“The people God uses don’t have to know a lot of things, or have a lot of things – they just have to need him a lot.”  Sally Lloyd-Jones The Jesus Storybook Bible