Series 15 Psalms of Lament Lesson 4: Psalm 43

Psalm 43 Lectio Divina (Lectio in Groups)

LectioRead Psalm 43.

Read the Psalm a second time.  Highlight the pleas to God.  In a different color, highlight the questions.

 MeditatioNotice the way in which the Psalmist goes back and forth between despair and hope:  between pleas, questions and statements of hope.  Reflect on how these words resonate in your life, naming your own pleas, questions, and grievances. Write them down.

 OratioFormulate your own pleas, questions and grievances into a personal psalm of lament.  Intersperse words of hope – your own or those of Psalm 43.  Repeat your psalm to God as a prayer.

ContemplatioFocus on the end of verse 5.  Repeat the words until they become a part of you.  Rest quietly for a time, reflecting on the promises of God named in this Psalm (vss. 2a, 3, 4, 5b).


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