Series 12 — Being Transformed — Lesson 2

Transformation is a journey.  It begins by knowing where you are.

Who is God? 

  • Read Isaiah 43:1-7.  What does this say about who God is?  Focus on the relational words, the things that God will do for his people. Highlight as needed.
  • Reflect on your reality of God.  What are the images that you have of God?  Does it correspond with this image?  How is it different?
  • Journal your responses.

Who am I? 

  • Read Isaiah 43:19-24 and Isaiah 44:1-5Highlight the words that describe Israel’s relationship to God and God’s response to Israel.
  • Reflect on your perception of who you are before God.  Do you find yourself in the words recorded in these passages?  Where are you in the journey?  Where do you want to be?
  • Journal your responses.

Transformation requires the willingness to go somewhere else. 

Where am I going? 

  • Read Philippians 2:1-5
  • Visualize a world where this description is a reality.  How would daily life change?  How would this play out in relationships?
  • Reflect on where you are in this description.  What changes would you need to make to be like this?
  • Write in your journal the phrase or phrases that best capture the transformation you desire.   What would motivate you to make these changes?
  • Journal your reflections.

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