Series 10 – Lesson 3 – Psalm 76

Psalm 76 – Lectio Divina

Lectio:  Read Psalm 76 in its entirety.  As you read through a second time, highlight the descriptors of God.  Make a list.  Read through again and make a list of the descriptors of those who don’t recognize God and fight against him.

 Meditatio: Meditate on the comparison of God with the powerful who resisted God.  Focus on the descriptions of God that speak to you.  Use your imagination to create a picture in your mind of the radiance and majesty of the God who protects and saves the afflicted.

 Oratio: Pray the words of the psalm as words of praise and adoration to God.  Be thankful for the actions of justice and support of the afflicted.  Acknowledge the power and greatness of God, the Creator and Redeemer.

 ContemplatioHumble yourself before God and search your heart for the ways in which you battle against God in your soul.  Allow the Spirit to search your heart and reveal to you the ways in which you resist.  Confess, then rest in the knowledge that you are forgiven and loved by God.

 Applicatio:  Look for ways to give God glory in your daily life.  At the end of each day, reflect on where you see God’s activity, and give praise and glory to the author and protector of life.

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