Series 10, Lesson 2: Psalm 43

Series 10, Lesson 2:  Psalm 43

Lectio:  Read Psalm 43 several times.  As you read:

  • List the three pleas in verse 1
  • Underline the first line of verse 2.
  • Highlight the questions in the Psalm.
  • Underline the psalmist’s responses to the questions.


Copy and complete the chart below on a separate sheet of paper or in your journal:

Plea, command


Vindicate me . . .  etc. You are God my stronghold
Send me your light . . . etc. Then I will go. . . etc.

Reflect on the heaviness of the questions that are asked and the way in which the psalmist searches for and finds the way to an answer.  Meditate on the words and phrases that strike you.


Where do you find yourself in this psalm?  Use the words of the psalm to offer your own prayer, focusing on the words that speak to your situation, praying them back to God.


Spend some time in silence before God.  Read the Psalm once more, letting the words of need and despair dance with the words of joy and hope.  Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the dance of concepts.


Consider reading this Psalm each day this week, reflecting on how these concepts relate to the people around you.  As you observe others, remember the ongoing dance of despair and hope, of need and joy in the life of each person.  Use the words of this Psalm throughout the week to pray for the people with whom you come into contact each day.

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