Series 10 – Psalms of Light – Psalm 27

Psalm 27 – Lectio Divina

 Lectio:  Read Psalm 27 several times.  As you read:

  • Highlight the declarations about the LORD (vs. 1)
  • Highlight, in a different color, the actions and results of evil (vss. 2-3)
  • Underline the references to the Lord’s dwelling places (vss. 4-6)
  • Mark the recordings of the Lord’s face (vss. 8-9)
  • Highlight the verbal pleas (vss. 9-12)


  • In the Hebrew language there is no comparative or superlative, so repetition, often in threes, is used for emphasis.  Note the groups of threes (ex. in verse 1 declarations about the Lord; in verses 2 and 3 evil and its results, etc.).
  • The dwelling place of God for the Israelites was first the tabernacle and later on the temple.  The sacred tent represents the place God filled with His presence.  In verses 4-12, meditate on the significance of being in the presence of God and seeking His face, repeating the words and phrases that speak to you.

Oratio:  As you repeat the words of the meditatio, turn them into prayer to God, seeking His face as you pray.

Contemplatio:  Spend some time being in the presence of God, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to your spirit.

Finish with the doxology in verses 13 and 14.  Consider the light and salvation of the Lord (vs. 1) and reflect on how that light and salvation has impacted your life and your relationships.  Be thankful

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