Series 8 Colossians Lesson 1 Overview

Inductive Bible Study – Colossians

As we begin a new study on the Letter to the Colossians, a good starting point is reading the entire letter in one sitting.  While the link is for the New Living Translation, please feel free to use a translation that you are most comfortable with, and consider reading the letter in several translations.

This week use your devotion time to read the entire letter of Colossians.  If possible, read through it several times during the week.  This will serve to give you a general understanding of the letter, and help you see relationships between different parts of the letter as we proceed in the weeks to come looking at smaller sections more in depth.

Keep your journal and a pen handy.  As you read the scripture, write down:

  • any questions that come to mind,
  • concepts that stand out to you, or
  • recurring themes that catch your attention.

In the coming weeks, refer back to these as we proceed through the letter. 

For an overview of the Inductive Bible Study Method, please consult our page of instructions.  Instructions are also available for Group Study.

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