Series 6 Don’t Be Afraid: Lesson 10, Romans 12

Romans 12Lectio Divina

Preparation:  Throughout this series on fear, we have named our fears, contemplated how fear prevents us from living the life God intended for us, considered how to face our fears, and practiced trusting God in the midst of our fears.  As we come to the final lessons in the series, our focus will turn outward.  How does the transformation of fear change the way we live our lives?

Read:  Read Romans 12 in its entirety.  As you read a second time, make a list of the ways in which these verses encourage us to change our thinking.

Meditate:  Review the list of changes to the way we think.  Carefully consider your own thought patterns and highlight the changes that directly speak to you.  Where is God calling you to change your thoughts away from fear into hope and trust?

Pray:  Confess to God the ways in which your thinking has been dominated by fear.  Pray for strength and courage to change your thoughts and live transformed.  Thank God for his grace to make such transformation possible.

Contemplate:  Make a list of specific ways in which changing your thinking can impact your relationships.  Each day this week keep the words of these verses before you and pray for guidance to live in a way that reflects a transformed way of thinking.

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