Series 6 — Don’t Be Afraid — Lesson 1 MARK 4:35-41



Read Mark 4:35-41 at least three times.

  • Underline the key words that are essential to the meaning of the passage.
  • Circle the verbs, noting the actions of the disciples, the environment and Jesus.
  • Divide your notes into three columns.  On the left, list Jesus’ actions in order.  In the middle, list the descriptions of environmental actions.  On the right, list the disciples’ actions in order.
  • Compare the lists, contrasting the actions of Jesus and his disciples. 
  • Write your observations in your journal.


Read through the passage again, this time taking into consideration the perspective of the disciples.  For many of them, the sea was their livelihood—the place where they felt most comfortable—the place where they spent most of their time—the place where they felt they belonged.

Consider the implications of this as you read through the passage.  What meaning do you derive from this encounter?  Note your responses in your journal.


Reflect on the following questions and record your discoveries in your journal.

  • Where do you feel comfortable, safe, and loved?
  • On whom or what do you rely for a sense of belonging?
  • When these places or people fail you, what is your response?
  • What changes in your environment make you feel afraid?
  • Where or to whom do you turn when your sense of safety is shaken?
  • What gives you peace?


  • Identify a current fear in your life.
  • Name your fear aloud, and pray for courage, strength and peace as you place your fear before God.
  • Trust the words of Jesus, “Quiet, be still!”

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