SERIES 4 — The 1st EPISTLE of JOHN — LESSON 5 1 JOHN 3:1-10

Read 1 JOHN 3:1-10 several times.  Chapter 3 would be best studied as one section, but to make the length more manageable, the chapter is divided into two sections.  This lesson covers only vs 1-10.

For more details on Inductive Bible Study steps and principles, see the page on this web page.


  1. Highlight the key words and phrases.
  2. Note the verb tenses.
  3. Identify the actors and the actions of each.
  4. List the contrasts.
  5. Indicate the relationship of ideas, such as cause and effect.


  1. What do the verb tenses emphasize?
  2. What might have been the author’s concern that motivated this section of the letter?
  3. How are God’s children identified?  How does the contrasting idea impact the author’s message?
  4. Give a title to this section.
  5. Explore the answers to any questions that may have arisen as you studied the passage.


  1. Are there changes in our lives and in our relationships this passage invites us to consider?

    In the public domain. From Martyrs Mirror, 1660, 1685.
  2. You may want to consider if there any ways that you keep on sinning.
  3. Is there a reason for gratitude in prayer?

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