Lesson 7, Series 1: Inductive Study EPHESIANS 4:1-16

PREPARATION: Breathe deeply several times to clear your mind and connect yourself with God.  Listen to God through Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:14-21.

Read the Ephesians 4: 1-16 text several times.  In this study, the Observation and Interpretation steps will be done by paragraphs with an Application at the end.


  1. Observe and highlight the key words, verbs and prepositions.
  2. To what does the word “then” connect us?  (in the NIV – “therefore” in other translations)
  3. Note the verb tenses Paul uses.
  4. Form groups of the repeated words or ideas.
  5. Watch for the connecting words and prepositions.  What do you observe?


  1. What purpose might Paul have to mention again that he is a prisoner of the Lord?
  2. How does Paul say the Ephesians ought to live?
  3. Why does Paul emphasize unity so much in the first verses of the chapter?  Imagine what might be happening in the church in Ephesus.
  4. What is the main idea in vs. 1-6?


  1. Find the contrasts, verbs and key words.
  2. Note the verb tenses in this section.
  3. Highlight the connector words and the cause/effect statements introduced.


  1. Where do the gifts come from and why have we received them?
  2. What is significant about the specific list of gifts that Paul mentions here?
  3. What is the relationship between the first and second paragraphs?


  1. Appreciate the illustrations and contrasts Paul uses in these verses.
  2. Highlight the verbs, noting the tenses used.
  3. Underline the prepositions and connector words used, noting the purposes they indicate.


  1. What is the end goal Paul has here?  In what different ways does he rearticulate it?
  2. How does he propose to reach that goal?


How can we apply this passage?

  • To the marriage relationship?
  • To your family?
  • To your local church?
  • To the worldwide church?

For what do you wish to thank God?

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