Lesson 6, Series 1: Inductive Study EPHESIANS 3:1-21

PREPARATION: When we prepare to pray, we pause to recognize that God is looking at us lovingly.  So for several minutes, quietly, let God love you.

READ the entire chapter aloud very slowly. Read it twice more in silence.


  1. Highlight and underline in the passage using the inductive observation steps that seem most appropriate. What do you notice? (A complete list of steps appears in the tab “Inductive Bible Study” found on the black bar below the picture header.)
  2. Draw lines between the repeated ideas. What do you perceive?
  3. What are Paul’s petitions for the church in Ephesus?


  1. Deepen the definition of some keywords: What is the mystery? How else is this same concept expressed?
  2. What was the main desire of Paul for the original readers?
  3. Write down questions that occur to you regarding the meaning of certain phrases or words. Show evidence in the passage as you explore possible answers.
  4. According to the author’s original idea, what is the role
    1. of suffering?
    2. of Paul?
    3. of the church? speak


  1. Choose the phrase or idea that most impacted you in this study. Write about your understanding of that idea. Then pause, quietly before God and let God to you about this. Write what you perceive and feel.
  2. Find a time to connect this week with a partner, spouse or other close relationship. Share what you wrote, thought and felt.  Pray together, one for the other using the Paul’s prayer in verses 14-21.

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