Lesson 5, Series 1: Inductive Study on EPHESIANS 2: 11-22

PREPARATION:  Get into a comfortable position.  Calm your spirit by breathing slowly and deeply.  Invite God to speak to you as you reflect and listen.  Then read the Ephesians 2:11-22 passage several times.


  1. Mark key words, verbs, connecting words and prepositions in the passage using the steps for observation.  (For more information on these steps, see the tab “Inductive Bible Study” on the black bar under the photo at the top.)
  2. What  does the beginning word “Therefore” indicate?
  3. Value the progression of ideas; how they rise and diminish.
  4. Note the contrasts.
  5. Discover the repetition of several key words.  What do they emphasize?
  6. Appreciate the illustrations.
  7. What is said about the Ephesians?


  1. What was the situation of the Ephesian readers that necessitated this section of the letter?  (See Acts 19: 8+)
  2. Where does this hostility come from?
  3. Write in a phrase or sentence Paul’s main purpose for this passage.
  4. What does it say about God (God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit)?


  1. Personally, what most impacts you about this passage?
  2. In one of your close relationships or if you are married, is there a behavior change this passage encourages you to make?
  3. As a small group or congregation, what walls exist and what can we do to tear them down?

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