Lesson 3, Series 1: Inductive Study EPHESIANS 1:15-23

Read the passage at least 3 times. If possible, download Ephesians 1:15-23 and highlight with color to enrich your observations.


  1. The passage begins, “For this reason”. What reason is referred to by this introductory phrase?
  2. Highlight the verbs, using different colors for different actors.
    1. What do you notice about these verb groupings?                                             Who are the key actors?  What is the verb tenses used in each grouping?
  3. Circle the most significant repeated or keywords. (Those without which the passage would not have the same impact.)
  4. Underline the prepositions and connecting words that show relationships, causes, or results.
  5. Witness the structure of the passage, especially the progression of ideas and the climax.  Create a drawing or other visual representation that portrays this progression.
  6. NOTE: The NIV in Spanish makes clear that every reference to “you” is plural.


  1. What do you think was Paul’s purpose for including this passage here in this letter to the people of Ephesus?  What emotions do you imagine him feeling as he wrote?
  2. Compare the human actions and the actions of the Trinity: God, Jesus Christ and the Spirit.
  3. Ponder the meaning of the connections and relationships revealed by some of the prepositions and connecting words.
  4. What does the passage teach about God?


  1. Which phrase or verse most moves you and why?
  2. How could contemplating these actions of God’s impact our life as his church?
  3. What is your prayer that echoes this passage?  What is your prayer for the body of Christ in which you participate?

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