Series 6 Don’t Be Afraid Lesson 9: Psalm 103

Psalm 103 — Lectio Divina

Preparation:  Before opening your Bible or looking at the scripture for today, close your eyes and think about the things that are bothering you.  Make a list of the anxieties of the day—what makes you afraid and anxious?

Read:  Read Psalm 103 through in its entirety.  As you read a second time, focus on verses 8 through 18.  Underline or highlight the words or phrases that capture your attention as you read.

Meditate:  Repeat several times the words or phrases that you highlighted.  Notice how they speak to the fears and anxieties you wrote down in your preparation.  Write down the words of the Psalm next to the fears and anxieties that they address.

Pray:  Pray the words of the Psalm, speaking directly to God, giving thanks for the love and care promised in these words.  Praise God with the angels (vs. 20-22).

Contemplate:  Focus your attention on verse 13.  Compassion means the kind of love that a mother has for her infant.  Fear means reverential awe, total trust and security.  Talk to your soul, reminding yourself that you are a child of God, loved, safe and secure.  Remind yourself of this throughout the day today.