Series 16 The Acts of the Holy Spirit – Lesson 3: Acts 6-7

 The Holy Spirit at Work Empowering Courageous Risk-Taking

Stephen – Acts 6-7 Inductive Study*

 OBSERVATION – What does the text say?

Read Acts 6:1-8:3.

Reread the portions 6:1-15 and 7:51-60

  • Where and when does this story take place?
  • Describe Stephen: his roles, character, actions.
  • How do we notice the Spirit acting in the story of Stephen?

INTERPRETATION – What did the text mean to the original listeners?

  • How do the accusations made against Stephen inform his defense to the Jewish leaders of the Synagogue?
  • What might have resulted if Stephen had not been so bold in his risk-taking?
  • What might the original readers have been impacted by in this story?

APPLICATION – How does this text apply to our lives?

  • What are we called to bear witness to?
  • What risks are we willing to take?

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